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Why hydration is important in pregnancy & great 3D Ultrasound pics

Staying hydrated is very important, but even more so when you are pregnant and live in a very dry location such as Colorado Springs. Dehydration in pregnancy can lead to some potential complications such as low amniotic fluid. Low amniotic fluid due to dehydration is not a problem but low amniotic fluid does suggest some potential for other problems. If you have an ultrasound through your doctor's office in the third trimester, having low amniotic fluid can mean a myriad of complications which can be worrisome for your doctor. Oftentimes your doctor will suggest that your baby be born early via induction. When you live in a location such as Colorado Springs, oftentimes, the reason for low amniotic fluid is simply related to dehydration. To avoid unnecessary worry and medical interventions, it's best to put forth effort to stay hydrated.

One thing to remember during pregnancy is hydrating with water alone is not going to do the trick. It is recommended that a pregnant woman hydrates with water but also with electrolyte drinks that are low in sugar and low in additives and preservatives such as Nuun tablets or coconut water.

How do you know if you are dehydrated while pregnant? Some of the symptoms of dehydration during pregnancy include inability to sleep, dizziness, headaches, constipation, decreased need to urinate and of course feeling thirsty. (Resource: What are the signs of dehydration during pregnancy?)

3D Ultrasound Pic of baby in colorado springs
Hydration helps get a great 3D ultrasound pic of your baby

When it comes to getting your 3D ultrasound, low amniotic fluid caused by dehydration can be the difference between getting an amazing picture of your baby's facial features versus pictures where maybe a facial feature is not quite clear or lost in the ultrasound.

We recommend that our clients hydrate well for one week prior to their appointment, with water and electrolyte drinks. This will help ensure that we are able to get the best pictures of your baby possible.

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