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Trusted Resources


Serving Colorado Springs for 10 years.  Affordable option

Trusted acupuncturist.  Bea, the Enso Owner has used her for over  14 years

Belly Bind & Placenta Encapsulation

Sarah has been serving the birth community since 2013.


Candace specializing in supporting women during pregnancy, postpartum and newborns.  She has bee serving Colorado Springs for 10+ years

A wonderful Father & Daughter team.  They support all, including Pregnancy, Postpartum and Newborns.

Located conveniently across  the street from Enso.  Mishea provides support for pregnancy and postpartum

Lactation Support

Mary & Marissa are IBCLCs who make house calls!  Don't worry about having to drive to a medical office.  Stay safe and comfortable at home.


Beth is a phenomenal body worker.  She does it all including Prenatal and postpartum massage

Nutrition & Prenatal Health

Heather focuses on ensuring your body and your baby's receiving he nourishment needed to give you a healthy pregnancy and your baby a strong start.

Hannah was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition prior to conceiving my son. She worked on reducing my inflammation, countering the effect of birth control on my body, and healing her microbiome to set her son up for success.

Perinatal Wellness

You can heal. You can move forward. You can learn how to transform your life.
At Mindful Springs, we support you in healing the mind, body, and spirit and in living a full life!


An all around photographer, from family, prenatal and newborn sessions.  Kate's goal is to create a long lasting relationship with you and your family

Real Estate

Family outgrowing your home?  Or a first time home buyer?  Be specializes in helping families find their new home.

Women's Health PT

Justine specializes in healing pelvic floor issues.

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