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Tongue Ties And Oral Tethers With Dr. Jessika Martin, DDS

In this episode, Hannah sits down with Dr. Jessika Martin, dentist and tongue tie specialist in Colorado Springs, CO. Dr. Jessika breaks down the basics of oral tethers for all ages, discusses the importance of a truly holistic approach to ties (not all ties need a dental correction!), and she also speaks to the differences in various correction methods. This is an episode you NEED to listen to regardless of what stage you’re in in this life! Dr. Jessika’s Practice in Colorado Springs - The Breathr Institute: Dr. Jessika recommends: Searching for a provider that uses a CO2 laser (if a correction is warranted) Dr. Richard Baxter’s work + book “Tongue Tied” Jaws by Sandra Kahn & Paul R. Ehrlich Breathe by James Nestor As always, if you want to work with Hannah along your preconception, prenatal, or postpartum health journey, reach out to her here: And everything motherhood and birth prep support, including classes, can be found at Enso Motherhood with Bea here:

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