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Tips for navigating 1st Trimester

Welcome to Season 2 of My Body, My Bump, My Baby. We kick this season off discussing the ins and outs of First Trimester with Hannah, who is coincidentally pregnant at the time of recording. In this episode, we talk about nutrition and supplementation for first trimester, how to combat some of the common ailments (morning sickness, fatigue, stress), and what you can do to effectively ask for support during this season of life.


Interested in learning more about homeopathy? Join Hannah for her next Gateway to Homeopathy I series to learn the basics of classical and practical homeopathy:

As always, if you want to work with Hannah along your preconception, prenatal, or postpartum health journey, reach out to her here:

And everything motherhood and birth prep support, including classes, can be found at Enso Motherhood with Bea here:


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