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When you think you have nothing left, take one more step forward.

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

When I was younger I hiked to the base of a beautiful waterfall. I stood on the earth just a small pool of water away from the waterfall. Directly in front of the waterfall was a rock and I wanted to stand under the waterfall. So I hopped into the water determined to stand next to that waterfall. As I began to swim toward the waterfall I was surprised that there was a very strong current pushing me away from the waterfall. At that moment I had to decide, do I fight my way to the waterfall or do I just give up?

There was no way I was giving up, so I decided I would give it everything I had to get to that waterfall. I began to swim harder, using all of my strength to move forward. I swam and I swam, but after a bit I realized I made no progress! I was not moving forward and I was not moving backward. This is the teeter point. I had to make a choice again. Do I concede defeat or do I believe that somehow, I had just a little bit more to give. At that moment I felt sure I was not strong enough to get there. I was mad and frustrated, at the same time I wanted to cry. At that moment I decided, there is no way I can make it and despite that I will make it. I just decided. I am going to make it! And something rose up in me and I swam hard, and fast and didn’t look up. I just kept in my mind that image of myself at that darn waterfall. And you know what, my hand touched the rock just in front of that waterfall. I was shocked and surprised and completely elated. As I stood next to that waterfall I experienced for the first time in my life beauty that literally took my breath away.

Unmedicated birth can be a very similar journey. Most women will come to that teetering point. When you do, I will tell you, you are only at your 40% mark. Even though you feel done and there is nothing left to give, I guarantee, if you choose to push forward, you will find there is another 60% tucked real deep within you. You just need to dig deep to pull it forward. Join us for Hypnomama 5-wks Childbirth Series. $250/Couple, In-Person & Zoom Photo by @danicadonnelly @Danica Donnelly Photography #birthstrong #birthmatters #birth #baby

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