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Rewrite Your Birth Battle Story

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

I try my best to live by the Four Agreements. Be impeccable with my words, don’t take things personally, don’t make assumptions and always do your best. When we become pregnant with our first child, we try to do everything right. Although we do our best, some things don’t quite turn out the way we planned or imagined.

I hear many birth battle stories. Battle stories are told by women who have been hurt, traumatized and wounded by their birth experience. Many have trusted the system and did what they were told perfectly. Yet, they come away from their first birth journey beaten and scared.

Returning to the journey in the second pregnancy can be exciting, filled with wonderful anticipation of who this little person will be. It can also be filled with a tremendous amount of fear regarding the labor and how it will turn out. The fear of having to relive their past bad experience and trauma.

The second pregnancy is a great time to process those old wounds, to nurture them with a healing salve of knowledge, understanding and acceptance and to let them heal so that we can begin to create a new story for this new baby.

If you have a birth battle story, this is a time to seek answers. Begin to understand the whys. Do research. How could my experience have been better? After you have gathered, begin to implement a new birth plan. Begin to enjoy dreaming about rewriting your story and creating a new birth journey. At this point the old story no longer holds you hostage but instead is merely a strong stepping stone that you can now appreciate, as it’s led you to this new place of understanding. A new mindset and a new journey to birth your new baby.

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