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Mom's, Feeling Frazzled? Need a break?

As mothers, we push ourselves to give and support the needs of everyone around us, even to the detriment of ourselves. Have you ever noticed that you tend to provide and care for those around you far more than you do for yourself. Oftentimes as nurtures, we put ourselves last, we put ourselves in a place of neglect. Sometimes we forget to feed ourselves, sometimes we don't have time for some of the basics, such as a simple shower. Sometimes we can go days, weeks on end without a moment to our self, not even the time that we spend in the bathroom.

Inevitably we become burnt out and frazzled, like a frayed nerve quivering in the wind. Not realizing that our needs haven't been met, we can begin to become short with those that we love and the quality of care that we provide for our family and loved ones becomes diminished.

I personally find myself in this place often, like a willow in the wind, with the wind blowing so hard that I feel like I might break. And somehow my schedule parts, my friends and family hold me up and provide much needed space, almost magically, as if it was provided by the universe itself, to remind me that I need to give myself some time, some nourishment, and self-care, and just show myself some love.

As mothers it's incredibly important for us to, somehow, build a little bit of self-care time into each week. Time to allow ourselves to take a deep breath, to allow our minds to be clear and to become refocused, and to allow our bodies to become energized once again so that we can give to our fullest.

I hope, this week, you will do something special for yourself. Take a yoga class, find time for a hot bath, meditate or do something that will help you to feel rested and pampered such as massage.

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