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How childbirth prep & determination healed a family

When we prepare to have a baby, we rarely consider the impact of that labor and birth story beyond the event itself. But the way we labor has the ability to affect our entire lineage, and beyond that, the women around us.

How many times since you've been pregnant have you heard a traumatic birth story from another woman? It could be a woman within your family, your mom, your sister, your sister-in-law, or it could be a complete stranger who walks up to you while you're in line at the grocery store and decides to share her traumatic birth story.

Each of our story’s matter. Each of our stories has the ability to impact the next pregnant woman. And so, the way you prepare for your labor and the birth of your baby, matters! Today I'm going to share a story about two sisters. One sisters’ story was traumatic and the other sisters’ story healed. If you don't have time now, bookmark this and come back and listen to the story when you have time. As women, we owe it to ourselves, our daughters, and our fellow sisters. Birth is a rite of passage, it's sacred, it transforms, and it will shape who we become as mothers. So, how we prepare matters. You should have a plan, take classes and learn the what you need to make informed decisions.

Some things are out of our control. Sometimes we take all of the right steps and prepare, but birth still serves up a dish of sour apples. But, because we were prepared, we can take those sour apples that we did not order and find the sweetness in them.

And just to be clear, a beautiful, empowered birth comes in all different shapes and sizes. It can even be a cesarean birth. The key is, how prepared are we to cope with what birth serves us on Birth Day?

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