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A Prenatal Yoga Teacher Saved Two Lives

One of my Prenatal Yoga Teacher Trainees saved two lives!! She doesn’t teach prenatal yoga classes, but because she had her 85 hour prenatal yoga teacher certification, she saved the lives of a pregnant woman and her baby!

She had a long time yoga student who became pregnant and continued to take her yoga class. Each week she provided pregnancy appropriate modifications during her class. One day that woman walked into her class and the teacher noticed that her feet and ankles were very swollen. After asking her how she was feeling, she was concerned and asked her to reach out to her provider. Sure enough that mama was experiencing a serious complication of pregnancy and the teacher saved the lives of her and her baby.

Not sure if you will teach prenatal yoga classes, but would like to feel like you can safely support a pregnant woman who joins your class?

Join us for our Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training. Two Weekends, Feb 4-6 & Feb 18-20

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