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A gender reveal ultrasound with an extra surprise!

I love doing gender reveal ultrasounds. It might be because you never know what you're gonna get. Is it going to be a boy or is it going to be a girl. It's like going on a little bit of an Easter egg hunt. You know you're going to find eggs but how many how many eggs and what will be in the eggs? Or maybe it’s because when I tell the parents the gender, the excitement they have is exhilarating for me. It’s exciting for me and I never tire of it.

Recently I had a couple come in for a 16-week gender reveal. I always ask the question, “When was the last time you saw your baby?” This was not their first pregnancy, they have a large family, so they had not seen their baby yet. Of course, that's always a treat for me…being able to show parents their baby for the very first time.

The baby daddy was so excited, and he was so sure that she was having twins. Now you have to understand, I have couples who come in and ask if there is more than one baby all of the time. That's more normal than you would expect. But this baby’s daddy was giddy with excitement because he just knew it was twins. Honestly, I took it with a grain of salt and started the ultrasound expecting only to see one baby, like usual.

I put the ultrasound probe onto her belly and sure enough I landed on one little baby, so I proceeded to determine the gender. After I determined that baby was a boy the dad asked again, but there's twins, right? At that moment, I realized he was dead serious. He was sure there were twins. At that point I had only seen one baby but I did notice that the baby was sitting oddly to one side in her uterus. To satisfy Papa, I started to search around her belly to see if there was another baby. Suddenly I thought I saw another set of feet kicking at the current baby's legs. Now that's odd, I thought to myself. I continued to search and to my surprise, but not to the baby’s daddy, sure enough there were twins!

I looked at him, and said “You guys are messing with me, right?” He replied, “no!” He said, “There are twins, right!” with a ton of excitement. I said, “Um, actually, yes!” I still wasn't sure that he wasn't pulling a prank on me, until I looked over at the pregnant woman and saw her face. She had tears in her eyes and her hands were up on her mouth, clearly, she was shocked to hear the news. She said, “He was so sure! I can’t believe this!”

I've seen mothers intuition in action many times, but this would be the first time that I saw a father be so sure of something and be 100% correct. Without a doubt, I would say it was an awesome day. I was excited to tell this family whether they were having a boy or a girl and I had the opportunity to tell this family that they were having two boys!

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