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Doula Hands of Service

Our goal is to ensure that the time and money that you invest in our training will provide you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to start your doula business, to generate income for your family and most importantly to help women navigate the most important experience of their lives.


As a doula you serve your clients on the mind, body, and soul level. We have designed our curriculum to speak to these same levels, supporting you in becoming shamans of the birth sphere. 

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We approach our training through the teachings of The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz.  Each person, each family, has its own story which means that there is not one right way to birth, rather every person must approach birth in the way that feels right to them.  

Each person in the journey has a very important role and none should be overlooked or diminished.  As a doula, we believe it is our role to understand each birthing team and to help them to accomplish their birthing goal, even if it contradicts our own birth philosophies.  Therefore, each birth professional must become aware of their own story and do some internal work prior to helping others.  We must practice acceptance, especially in birth.  We must become masters of emptying our own cup so that we can hold space for others.

We believe that the labor doulas role completes the circle of care.  Medical professionals care for the physical body, the labor doula cares for the mind and spirit. Each role is valuable and crucial.  Each role deserves respect. And thus, a labor doula should never step out of her scope of practice.


Doula Training-Virtual and Live-Inner Wo


The role of a doula is to understand all aspects of labor and birth with an emphasis on comfort measures, emotional support, the anatomy of labor, understanding factors that can slow labor and how to utilize techniques to ease complicated scenarios. A doula must release judgement and support with compassion. The doula must be comfortable accompanying their clients through the complex physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of birth and new parenthood.

The role of a doula is to support clients and/or partner in autonomy, always fostering an internal locus of control. We encouraging them to make decisions for themselves, find their own voice, and gain informed consent. The role of a doula is to support evidence-based information and safe practices. A doula may educate to these facts but the decision-making belongs to the family.

The role of a doula is non-clinical and a doula would be considered out of scope to preform vaginal exams, palpation, FHT, or vitals unless otherwise trained and working within a different scope.

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