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Our goal is to ensure that the time and money that you invest in our training will provide you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to start your doula business, to generate income for your family and most importantly to help women navigate the most important experience of their lives. We are invested in your success because we believe that with more well-trained, passionate birthworkers, we can support cultural change surrounding the way we birth in western society!



Our program is taught by experienced birth professionals and is unique its is structure and content.  This is not a boring lecture format class with tons of self-paced reading and papers to write.  We will walk you through each part of the training, we guide your way, just as we guide our new families through birth.

Our training is rich with beautiful real-world birth stories that teach. We offer plenty of hands on skills training with the technical background of why and how a technique works and when it should be used.  We step you through this training a little bite at a time, building on concepts as we go, allowing you to fully digest the concepts. This allows us to get into the vital critical thinking of labor scenarios. You will practice interviewing skills, start building your brand, and finish our training with confidence and a solid fountain for which to launch your new birth business.

Doula Hands of Service
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